Antonio Mainenti – Mudanza Side A

Our friend from Sicily, Antonio Mainenti reports in with a studio discovery, or maybe a logical sprout from the DIY-ethos. Make an album, release it digitally and give every buyer of the new record a cassette out of a box full of old tapes. He picked one of those tapes himself, listened and decided to mix the music with his album. The outcome is a kind of music for imaginary islands: you can hear fights with sea monsters, the first encounters with the islanders, the long walk to the highest point, exploding volcanoes and mysterious voices in the jungle.


Antonio says:
“for the label bunchrecords I’ve publish a new album with the project “Mudanza”.
Is a duo, with analog synth, theremin and my light and graphite Arduino synth. The sound is old-future style, because the analog synth and my 8bit tools produce unusual colors: back to the future, think the past.
The radio version include the cassette of my friend and artist Claudio Cavallaro, 45′ X2. Is a tape with electronic music, mixed with the Mudanza album, is very amazing sound.”

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