The Wirebender presents Lee Scratch Perry and Vision of Paradise

Volker Schaner made a movie about Lee Scratch Perry, Vision of Paradise. You can read here why he did so and what kind of movie it became. You can watch the movie here.

But now that you are H E R E with us on Radio On, please know that we can give you even a bit more thanks to our man in London, The Wirebender.

In his program The Wirebender he presents three blocks dedicated to the movie.

  1. Question and Answer time after the presentation of the movie at the Genesis Theatre in London as part of the East End Film Festival, with Lee Perry and Volker Schaner, director of the movie.
  2. After-party at the Red Gallery with Dr.Dub on the decks and Lee Perry on the microphone. (short video)
  3. A series of tracks in which Lee Scratch Perry was involved.

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