Markus Stein – The German Voice of David Hasselhoff, Documentary about the German Unification

Markus Stein is also DJ Schlucht who for many years has hosted a weekly show called DIY Church. It was perhaps the most informative show, word and sound-wise about the manyfold dispersion of so-called underground music. I use the term ‘underground’ because you would never get to know about the music and the artists if you’d stick to official printed and state financed media.

The German Voice of David

 is a documentary about the German Unification. Markus talked with a couple of persons, (West-) Berliners and ex-DDR citizens. Each one of them, from memory, tells his or her part of recent history. What happened on the day the borders between east and west Germany were opened. What did they do the first days after. How did life in the ‘New’ Germany evolve in the first years of the unification.

A wonderful compilation of voices and eye-witness reports, interwoven with each other with great skill. At the end of the program you think you know each one of the interviewees for years.

Markus didn’t use dramatic music to kill the whole documentary as we know so well from official and state financed media, but compiled a collage of abstract tape-sounds as a background.


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