LORD LITTER’S RADIO ON SHOW #13, with a little bit of hiss

LL’s shows are little expeditions into the realm of miniatures. What else to call music almost nobody has ever heard of? To start with the end: Alvaro, the man who has invented a genre of his own, (born out of the playful anarchy that defined the very first days of punk, without forgetting the sounds of his homeland Chile), has become one of the fixed features here and his songs appear like a piece of mailart or fanmail, maybe even a postcard to Konstanz.

Another frequent guest is Hal McGee, one of the key figures in the cassette culture, prolific and known for his numerous collaborations and initiatives. Go wander around on his website and find out for yourself. This time you hear him talk about his very first encounter with experimental music, a kind of story normally preserved for the early days of rock’n’roll. But maybe that doesn’t make any difference.

My (=Rinus Van Alebeek) personal favourite is the Dutch interlude you’ll hear before Hal takes over.

Here’s the playlist

1. Schizo Fun Addict – Chakra Tease – CD – Imperial Quasar

2. Svarta Stugan – excerpt, the first 8 minutes of side B – MC – Collection I-III

3. Resurrecturis – 06:00 The alarm
4. Resurrecturis – 10:00 Animals in the meeting room
3/4 from CD – Nazienda


5. NagMet – Tracks 7 to 13 – CD – Water is Conscience

6. Invisible Shadows – Commentary 1 / Harmonica Feedback Experiment / Commentary 2 – Invisible Shadows – double CD – audio documentary, early Jaffe and Mc Gee cassette recordings 1981 –


7. Alvaro – Tonteras
8. Alvaro – Nada
7/8 from LP – Reaching for the masses


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