Don Campau presents a Ken Clinger Special

Don Campau’s No pigeonholes shows for Radio On evolve around musicians and artists, who produce their work at home. Many of the works presented stem from the heydays of a movement that is known as the cassette culture. People befriended eachother through the post, and lots of packets with cassette tapes in it crossed the ocean or lay in the back of a post truck to be delivered to remote places, but also to the capitals of the world. Don has set up an archive, in which you can find interviews and lots of information on the cassette culture movement. There are more attempts to document the cassette years, as you can see here or here or even here. And if it wasn’t for them, all the second and third and fourth generation cassette labels wouldn’t even exist.
Don Campau’s Show about Ken Clinger highlights yet another pivotal artist of the movement.
Read about Ken Clinger here
 ken clinger
artist/ title/ label-source-year ( all material released on cassette )
Ken Clinger/ Cat/ KC8/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
Ken Clinger/ Our Boy In LA/ KC14/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Ken Clinger ( with Winnie Santiago)/ Not There/ KC5/ Bovine cassette 1985 USA
ken clinger
Ken Clinger/ Sandra/ KC12/ Bovine cassette 1986 USA
Bored Young Men/ King The Sad Boy/ Sittin’ Around Decomposin/ Bovine cassette 1986? USA
Don Campau ( with Ken Clinger)/ The Perfect Tomato/ Pinata Party Tape Two/ Lonely Whistle cassette 1986 USA
ken clinger
Bored Young Men/ Cicadaville/ With Slime On Their Hands/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA
Catfish ( with Ken Clinger)/  Nuk-E-Doll  /  Fish Tales/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Ken Clinger/ Dice On The Hill/ KC 28/ Bovine cassette 19898USA
ken clinger
Ken Clinger/ Dog Song/ KC 30/ Bovine cassette 1988? USA
Kenny & The Clingtones/ Evil Mutant Frogs/ One Of Those Tapes That Exist/ Kitti Tapes cassette 1988 USA
Ken Clinger/ Dreams In Jaspar/ KC 39/ Bovine cassette 1990 USA
ken clinger
Ken Clinger/ Physical Matter/ KC 42/ Bovine cassette 1993 USA
Furgas-Clinger ( composed by Tom Furgas )/ excerpt 24 Preludes/ Realizations III/ Bovine cassette 1993? USA
Furgas-Clinger/ Chamber One/ Forgotten Chambers/ Bovine cassette 1987? USA

“I was so excited by Ken’s first tapes that I looked up his phone number during a weekend visit to San Francisco, hoping to meet the human being behind that voice. When Ken picked up, I blurted out that I, Dino DiMuro, was in town and would love to meet HIM, Ken Clinger, in person. Ken’s response was to speak even more slowly and eerily than on his tapes, responding to my offer as if I had just  announced his execution date. We never did meet, and Ken later wrote to apologize for sounding “dazed and confused” after a long day at work.”

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The No Pigeonholes radio show is a result of Don’s direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.

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