Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #16 – Magazine

in which you hear…

“… the testament of a Folk hero .. a singer for lesbian rights ..
.. what happened in the Asylum …
… James Last .. AND … Hal McGee..”

LL introduces, explains and plays songs by singers loved by the margins, well, except for James Last. After James’s funeral rare gems appeared. LL plays one of them, a surprisingly bondesque tune, that’ll bring good mood to any kitchen. And there’s a stunning Ziggy Stardust interpretation that will make you fly.

The show elegantly sways between folk songs full of life and anger, the old Berlin, dreams in front of wallpaper images of tropical islands and space, Southern states porches, Batman and Bryan Ferry’s locker room.

Turn the pages! Here’s the playlist

1. Joe Hill’s Last Will (spoken word)
2. Bucky Halker – Workers of the world awaken
1/2 from CD – Anywhere but Utah, songs of Joe Hill


3. Claire Waldoff – Hannelore – CD – Wat braucht ein Berliner um gluecklich zu sein
4. Reidgraves – Childcare – CD – Lovely as suspicion


5. Church Of Betty – Swirled World – CD – Swirled World
6. James Last – Is that all there is – The America Album

World’s Greatest Cassette Culture Database….to come!
7. Invisible Shadows – Children at play – Invisible Shadows – double CD – audio documentary, Invisible Shadows, early Jaffe and Mc Gee cassette recordings 1981 –
HAL MCGEE says: “A main focus of my activities in 2016 will be the documentation and archiving of my collection of homemade and underground music cassettes. I will be assisting Frank Maier of Vinyl On Demand with the creation of a huge database of about 10,000 cassettes. Starting February 1st I will begin creating entries in the database for all of the 3,000 cassettes in my collection. This will include scanning all of the cassette covers. In 2017 the database will become accessible to the public and a series of books will be published on the subject of Cassette Culture.”


LATEST >> Don Campau announced to join with his archives of 5000 cassettes

8. Dave Fuglewicz – Reality Free Zone 2
9. Dave Fuglewicz – Levels within Levels
8/9 from MC – Passage

10. Sendelica – Ziggy Stardust – limited colored vinyl Single (fdm)
11 Proud Peasant – Saturn, Lord of the Ring/Mercvury, The winged Messenger – limited colored vinyl Single (fruitsdemer records)
10 / 11


12. LA Love Affair – Thank you Bean
– LP – New Day

13. Alvaro – Would you marry her? – CD – Transitional Music

14. Turkey Makes Me Sleepy – Enfolded
15. Turkey Makes Me Sleepy – Andy wants all
14 / 15 CD_R – Odyssey Of A Gravy Boat

16. The Lot – Right On
17. The Lot – Feet to the Fire
18. The Lot – hidden track 11
16 – 18 CD – The Temptation to Exist

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