Don Campau, No Pigeonholes, Special on the Works of Charles Rice Goff III

A look at the album and track titles could be indicative enough, to give you an idea about the nature of the sounds and experimentations, that you will hear in this show. Don Campau knows a lot more. Says he,
“I have known Charles for a very long time and have been amazed by his relentless and tireless pursuit of never ending, unusual creations. From his whimsical pop and covers side to his collaborations with many others in many ways, from his live performance work to his assiduously assembled audio and video pieces. Perhaps only Zan Hoffman , Hal McGee, Big City Orchestra and Ken Clinger are the only home tapers who can rival his output and high standards.”
About the different aliasses Charles uses, Don says
“Goff has excelled at cover versions of favorite songs.From pop to progressive rock to his personal favorite Todd Rundgren, Charles manipulates and tears apart the songs to uncover his own personality within.”
 “One of Goff’s many collaborative projects, Disism with Killr “Mark” Kaswan. The chaotic nature of this tape is in keeping with the horrors of the Oakland fire in 1991. Hallucinogenic improvisations on cassette from 1993”
 “More confusion and social unrest is probed by Charles and his mates in Herd Of The Ether Space. In this episode, they rip apart the LA riots of 1992 with the appropriate amount of radio broadcasts, police sirens, twittering and rambling guitars and instruments for a truly messed up experience.”
As always in Don’s No Pigeonholes Show you hear a lot of americana between the lines. Americana, coming of age, small and big town life can be distinguished as some of the themes. In this show you hear Don give a lot of inside information; he also tries to explain the significance of the cassette movement. Don Campau has started to send huge amounts of his cassette collection to Friedrichshafen in Bavaria, where at one point in the 21st century a museum will be opened.


artist/ title/ label-source-year ( all material released on cassette )
CR Goff III/ Epitaph/ Awe/ Taped Rugs cassette 2000 USA
CR Goff III/ Powder/ Knocking At My Consciousness Door/ Taped Rugs cassette 1995 USA
CR Goff III/ Fink Void/ Volatile Volitions/ Ecto cassette 1990 USA
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy/ side one/ Qualmy/ Taped Rugs cassette 1998 USA
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy/ The Situation/ Aberrations Of Collaboration/ Taped Rugs 1999 USA
Turkey Makes Sleepy/ I Don’t Know/ My First Adventure into 3D/ Taped Rugs 1998 USA
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy/ Dear Serena/ Sings Songs For Ding Dongs/ Taped Rugs 1998 USA
Turkey Makes Me Sleepy/ Insouciant Incunabulum/ Swimming In The Sound Soup/ Taped Rugs cassette 1997 USA


Disism/ A Couple Of Pancakes/ Sound Of Pig cassette 1988 USA
Disism/ It Doesn’t Matter/ Disism-DD Downer split/Taped Rugs cassette 1997 USA
Disism/ Caliginous California/ Caliginous California/ Taped Rugs cassette 1993 USA
Disism/ Sleep In Unheavenly Peace/ Down The Chimney/ Taped Rugs cassette 1988 USA


Herd Of The Ether Space/ Bibulous Barb/ A Goblin Realm Of Fakery/ Taped Rugs cassette 1995 USA
Herd Of The Ether Space/ Dismissed As Irritants/ Suggestions For Inventing Yourself/ Taped Rugs cassette 1997 USA
Herd Of The Ether Space/ Crystal Concentration/ Bowed But Unbulging/ Taped Rugs cassette 1989 USA
-ING/ Hallways Of Always/ On Tour/ Taped Rugs cassette 1991 USA


CR Goff III/ Consequences/ Wherever You Are Is Where You Are/ Taped Rugs cassette  1999 USA

CR Goff III/ Motivation/ Everything’s OK/ Taped Rugs cassette 1995 USA
CR Goff III/ People Make The Word Go Round/ People Make The Word Go Round/ Taped Rugs cassette 1992 USA
Herd Of The Ether Space/ Sprayed With Asparagus/ Remedies From Roots And Molds/ Taped Rugs cassette 1995 USA

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The No Pigeonholes radio show is a result of Don’s direct involvement with the cassette culture, the vast network of home-produced cassette exchangers that anticipated the internet, its social networks and the whole shabam of netlabels and free downloadable musicians. An attempt to archive the movement is in his Living Archive of Underground Music.

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European Edition> broadcast twice monthly by Radio Marabu throughout continental Europe ( and archived for the internet).

KWTF Edition> Streaming at KWTF> community radio for Sonoma County California.

No Pigeonholes EXP> broadcast and streamed live on KOWS-FM ( 1st, 3rd, 5th Thursdays 6-8 PM Pacific Time. KOWS> all experimental music.

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