Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #21 – Counterculture

LL dedicates an hour to counterculture. What is counterculture? In football it is the successor to catenaccio, the system perfected by Helenio Herrera. In society it is something different. Some of the captions down here can give an indcation. So can the music. But LL wouldn’t be LL without throwing a lifeline that connects the past with the present, and this lifeline, making a beautiful arch over the golden years of counterculture can serve as your rainbow. Enjoy.

1. Mick Farren – Mona (A Fragment) Carnivorus Circus Part I (exceprt) – CD – Mona The Carnivorus Circus
Mick Farren obituary – “Has rock’n’roll become another mindless consumer product that plays footsie with jet set and royalty,” he asked, “while the kids who make up its roots and energy queue up in the rain to watch it from 200 yards away?” The answer, of course, was yes. –

new Underground classics
2. Life in a Blender – Asshole from Mento Park – CD – Two Legs bad (1997)
3. Life in a Blender – Prize at the Bottom – CD – Tell Me I’m Pretty (2002)

Remembering Mighty Sam McClain
4. Mighty Sam McClain – Let’s Do Something – CD – Time and Change, Last Recordings
5. Mashy Vahdat & Mighty Sam McClain – Earth – CD – Scent Of Reunion

6. The Bossa Nova Beatniks – My Girl – CD – for the fun –

7. UNIT – Who – CD compilation – Godspunk Volume sixteen

8. Steve Kusaba – Industrial Chaos – 2 CD – Life Cycle of the Proletariat
Soundtrack based on David Cartwright’s dark movie

>> LITTER Legend
9. Orchester James Kok – Geisterspuk – 4 CD with book – Swing Tanzen Verboten Vol.1 –


>> LITTER Legend
10. Gideon Klein – Partita fuer Streicher / Molto Vivace – 3 CD Box – Forbidden, Not forgotten, Supressed Music from 1938-1945

11. Nadine Maria Schmidt und fruehmorgens am meer – Mein blaues Klavier – CD – Ich bin der Regen –

12. Ian Whitcomb Adam Swanson Danny Coots – Who was King Solomon’s Favorite Wife
13. Ian Whitcomb Adam Swanson Danny Coots – Red Slipper Rag
12 / 13 CD – I Love A Piano

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