Lord Litter’s Radio On Show #27 – The Adam Finchler Interview

One morning LL went out to put the garbage in the container. He was before his first coffee, not really awake. From the garbage a young man jumped up. “Hallelujah,” said the lord. He knew, that there was hardly any young person left in Berlin, who could speak German. He asked:

“Who are you.”

“I am Finchler, Adam Finchler, from New York.”

“How did you get here?”

“From the roof…you know, Finchler on the roof..”

He saw that he joke didn’t land. He continued, more serious now.

“I walked past this place yesterday evening, er, early this morning and I thought it was a good time to quit smoking, so I grabbed for my packet of cigarettes and threw it in the garbage. But then I found out..er.. I had thrown away my cassette..ehm..so, I jumped kind of after it, and then must have hit my head really hard, you know, like hard.. and next thing I see, is you here in your pyjamas.”

“A cassette, huh. So, you’re a musician. Why don’t you come up to my apartment? My wife will make you some decent German breakfast and I can play your songs on my radio show.”


And so it happened

word to LL
“Adam Finchler, music, videos, books (more on that at a forthcomming show), Gen Ken Montgomery cooperator..visited Trash Tone Studio in October 2016… ((almost a Generations Unlimited PS show))

1. Rubber Molding – Break Stuff – CDr – Rubber Molding

2. Adam Finchler – Freaky Paiting – MC – Hair Gimmicks of Apathy

3. Finchler – Golden Rings – single


4. Finchler – Mr. Death – single

5. Rubber Molding – Mr Train Conductor Says – CDr – My Monkey Needs to Wash His Hair? Can We Please Have Your Blood?

6. Adam Finchler – This Sign – MC – Hair Gimmicks of Apathy



7. Gen Ken & Finchler – Gearing Up For Nothing – MC single A side (video)

8. Gen Ken & Finchler – Postcard – MC single B side

9. Rubber Molding – Binary Code – CDr – High Octane

10. Michael and Adam – Time Signature Christmas – CDr – Sonic Pleasures of Christmas

11. Michael and Adam – Christmas Rap – CDr – Sonic Pleasures of Christmas


12. The Monkees – Goin’ Down – CD – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricon & Jones LTD plus Bonus tracks

13. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Abominable Snowman in the Market – LP – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers


14. Adam Finchler – Elvis Thermometer – MC – Hair Gimmicks of Apathy


order the cassette single of “Gearing Up For Nothing” and “Postcard”. Includes a one-of-a-kind postcard from Gen Ken, to be received at a later date.

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