Agn̬s Pe РMitt Pat̩#13, After the Elections

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Agnès Pe’s 13th episode of Mitt Paté might as well be regarded as a 21st century sonic adaptation of Alice in Wonderland. There is one vital exception. Agnès Pe doesn’t follow the will of her writer, but kicks him in the balls first, before setting of for her American adventure. She ends up in Trump’s America, in Las Vegas. A human-size Godzilla is her guide. And while neon signs, slot machines and crazy people shout, twist and dance in caleidsocopic views and visions, we meet Trump more than once. Listen carefully to Godzilla talk to him, or what the the the LSD scientist knows about him. Watch the Donald crooning away on the stage in Caesar’s Palace.

But above all, try to enjoy the nightmare ride.

Good luck America. Good luck World.

here’s the playlist:

Max 100percent – You’re not here, when I’m there, So where’s us // Bring Me the Horizon – Can You Feel My Heart // Airport – Self Harm Bracelet // Christopher DeLaurenti – attempting anthem // Wobbly – Christian music


// Treasure Hunt – Popcorn // Marie Goethe + Mike Patton – Romance for a Choking Man-Woman // Javier Álvarez – Mambo aÌ€ la Braque // The Gerogerigegege – Show Me // Oakmilk – ohm // Luciano Berio – Sinfonia for eight voices and orchestra movement III In ruhig fliessender Bewegung //


Fux content – Rainbow // Martin Tétreault + Sachiko M + Yasuhiro Otani + Otomo Yoshihide – Glaugulater // Sammy Davis Jr. + AgneÌ€s Pe – I’ve gotta be me elevated // Zeena Parkins – The Bedroom. Later That Morning. Manuel Is Sitting In Bed. Louie Enters. //


Meme Machine MKII – mow death grips is banned from siivagunner // Gail Laughton – Atlantis (21,000 B.C.) // Elevation X toilet Status – ET03 // Richter is gay – The Nutshack theme // Secret admirer – Cruise Control // Logan Whitehurst & The Jr. Science Club – The villain who wears nopants //


PGR – The happy song // Joanquín Rodrigo – Cántico de San Francisco de Asís // Riefenstahl – Je t’air (Ich rich left) // Total Shreds – I want it that way (Backstreet boys) // Juskiddink – playing pinball // Treasure Hunt – Fluid

Voices: Emma and Christian Devil XIII

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