Anne-f Jacques – sounds for the post-peak oil, 12

I listened to Anne-f Jacques’ collage ( or introspective diary or sonic representation of a bicycle ride or fantasy-play of tapes talking to each other through their envelopes, while they wait to be picked up from the doormat) twice, because I wanted to be sure that the replay function was working alright. I thought it stopped too soon. It didn’t. Thirty minutes passed by like a swift breeze, a moment of life that you forget about everything. Anne-f is a very friendly person, someone to cherish in these times full of hate and menace.

She says:

“starting off with a jumping contraption made of fishing wire, wooden rod and motors; then, bits of tapes received in the mailbox from Monnocone, No Intention (Armchair electronics), Talc (Bicameral Mind), Massive Asthma (The child-slave rebellion) and TVE (Vagues Ruminations); interspersed with some more contraptions, hammer, birds and neighbours.”

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