Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – The Story of Bollerman

Lord Litter says it in the introduction of the show. “In the beginning of the 1980s while everyone in Berlin played punk or electro,  Bollerman played everything that came along.” And goes on to tell and show that Bollerman were one of the most underestimated bands around. Berlin bands like Einstürzende Neubauten or Die Tödliche Doris were very much more visible and remembered until today. They represented one aspect of Berlin that is easier to understand for non-Berliners like me. But the world of the Eckkneipe, the so-called Berliner ‘Schnautze’ (loudmouth), the poverty, the badly heated apartments, the Berlinness of being a Berliner is a thing that can hardly be grasped, if you’re not born and raised in this town we all love so much.

The music of Bollerman hints at 1930s cabaret and at science-fiction nostalgia. The lyrics are in German, and if you don’t know German television, where in every movie the actors talk German, be their names John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Catherine Deneuve, Sophia Loren or Marcello Mastroianni, you will loose some of the subtleties.

Anyway, this is about Berlin, it is about a part of Berlin, called Rudow; it is about what once was, and now is no more.



…bilingual Special presenting one of the MOST underrated Berlin bands BOLLERMAN….

all tracks BOLLERMAN …..

1. MM 3 – MC – Movie Music
2. Komm ausn Radio – LP (Bonus) – Das Bollwerk
3. Apparattchic – Single

4. Kleiner Tartar – LP – Das Bollwerk
5. Bin eine Birke – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche
6. Bollermanifest – CD – Netz

7. Die Idee – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche
8. Druecken musste schon – CD – Bollradio
9. Der Funker – LP – Das Bollwerk

10. Fuck My Horse – LP – Bollwerk
11. fahr’n wir nach Kaliningrad – sessions
12. Dr Nuff Nuff spritzt – sessions
13. TV an – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche

14. Bert Ansage – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche
13. Der kleine Pudel Nesthaken – single
15. Jazzstoerung – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche
16. Glockengiesser – CD – Mutti’s neue Durchreiche

17. MM 9 – MC – Movie Music
18. Berliner leisten Widerstand – CD – Bollradio
19. Rosenknab – LP – Das Bollwerk
20. Bollerman’s Ende – CD – Bollradio

Bollerman.web.  BollermanTube

It´s a Bollerman`s World – TV show 1987-1993

in the boll(erman) keller (basement) Bollerman – last documented live session 2014

Bollerman / Berlin Rudow

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