Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio volume 11 – I’m Gonna Cook You Back! with Valeria Braun from ***

Our lunch time host Taishi Nagasaki continues his weekly shows and his last minute announcements of the guest.

Here is his introduction to episode 11.

“Hello, this week, it’s the week of food.
This place *** is the one who made my idea, of relation between Food and Music, clearer and they let me do that. I used to organize Experimental dinner time called “Cozmik Dine” with very delicious Italian food and drinks there.

So this week I invite the manager of ***, I will try to get their secret recipe and secrets to run a nice place with lots of love and a bit of hate.



*** is a cozy little Bar Restaurant in the heart of ®®®. Food, good selection of wines and starters. Not just for food colture but as well a place to listen to live concerts, djing and performance and exhibition of artists based in Berlin.


EVERY TUESDAY LIVE from 13:00-14:00/DE,12:00-13:00/UK,20:00-21:00/JP

*** note from administration. We don’t publish the name of the restaurant in order to give free publicity. One meal a week for two persons is the least we expect for such an operation.