2. January – Interviews, Radiophonics, Live Sets, RadioPlays

While the last days of the year 2013 seemed to install on us an enduring Sunday, the administrators of Radio On have been working. The result is that life is made much more easy for you, dear Radio On Listener.

Our programmes are now defined by their content. We have Interviews, Radiophonics, RadioPlays, Live Sets and Reportages.

Since most of our programmes evolve around words and stories, it is hard to define each episode by a few keywords.

You just have to get used to our style.


Jean Luis Costes is one of the persons we have interviewed. Today, 2.January you will find eight more Interviews. Besides this we have Radiophonic productions, RadioPlays and Taishi’s Lunch Time /Jason Honea’s Brave Ear Shows, both offering an other approach to talk radio with lots of insight in the artistic production, be it on vinyl, tape, cd, or paper.

We will try to update you as much as possible through the tweet stream, also visible in the side bar of this page.

New Programs, just as Live Radio Shows will be announced on this page.

Have a Great 2014.