Juris Marnavskis aka Noize Factor

Says Adrian Shephard in his Notes on being an Ausländer

“I’m constantly scanning a particular expat social network site with 60,000 members for any ‘for sale’ items. This has several advantages it seems, I get to visit many different parts of Berlin that ordinarily I would never explore, as well as meeting a vast array of different and interesting people mostly expats that are somehow managing to just about survive here in this city of the night.”

“Last week I bought a fruit drying machine for example. This week it was a simple MIDI device from Juris Marnavskis living in the former West Berlin. He proudly shows me a self built noise machine currently housed in a cardboard box looking like some kind of ancient soviet radio. We chat because thats what I find most fascinating about these small encounters, windows onto others lives. He demonstrates the machine and speaks of his noise work and a soldering iron that he picked up for 1 euro at a flea market to continue his circuit building. So I asked him to send me some work to radio-on-berlin and some info. Most of the people I invite say yes but I never hear from them again. Juris however is a man of his word.”


Says Juris Marnavskis


“I am experimental performing noise/industrial artist from Latvia. My name is Juris Marnavskis, but musician name is “Noize Factor”. I’ve been making music since 2008… Started with rap, house, trance, then changed to hardcore and dubstep and finally listened to one person which performs Noise style…”
“From that moment it took my heart and I just started to experiment with this style, it was about 2011…
Now I had been performing in Brazil a little bit, but mostly doing home experiments with different kind
of electronic devices, synthesisers, sampling-recording, as I’m a sound engineer/technician it also helps a lot..

This set is made of my newest tracks with old intro and outro tracks…

1. The message(0.00-1.16) intro,
2. Rumbble with Machines(1.16-9.50),
3. Tiny things and scary monsters(9.50-16.30),
4. Why I torture me(16.30-27.11),
5. Tribute call(27.11-27.57) outro.

“The ambient, the sound…Taking it away, tearing in pieces,
apparently like whirlwind passing on top of frequencies…
Squeezing, booming,connecting more wires and more and more till nothing is left on hands…
Rotating, pushing and pulling…Feeling like need more…Noise!!!”

and big inspirational thanks to my girlfriend Flavia !
Juris Marnavskis(aka Noize Factor)
Best regards!”

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