The Wirebender presents The Sonic Trail

Simon Wade, our man in London has compiled a collage that spans from smooth atmospheric music, via a lecture to memories of a holiday in Ireland. In the middle of the show Ian Rawes makes an appearance. He gives a talk on ‘How to Find Interesting Sounds.’ and plays some examples of such sounds. Ian Rawes is the mastermind behind the London Sound Survey, a website with a growing collection of (historical) recordings, sound maps and what you have.


Word to Simon:


“My earliest memories of The Irresistible Force were back in the 1990’s with the first lp “Flying High” promoting the “Shamanarchy in the UK “tour, only for one of Eat statics computers to pack up and The Mixmaster Morris to step up and jam along. (I also recall the late great Fraser Clark whom I’d also booked to perform/sing me handing him the mic just to tell me he had never performed it before but that he’d do it anyway. .Which he did with consummate ease)”

“Fast forward to now and Morris has the sublime Kira Kira to showcase Morris kindly gave me a promotional copy for Radio on. I’ve used some tracks as sonic bridges between the audio trail.”

“The Trail I undertook was part of London’s Sonic Waterloo’s festival back in July 2017.  It features the work of Lee Berwick, Rob Olins and Ian Rawes of the London Sound Survey. The festival was facilitated for radio by Blanca Regina of Leaf Cutter.I also managed to recruit Steve from Chance de Silva to outline the start of our journey.”

“The final part of the show is another sonic trail with some of my audio recordings and memories of the summer in England and Ireland. It features extracts from the Black Heart Orchestra.” 


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