Adrian Shephard – The Scratched Vinyl Show #7, Election Special

Adrian Shephard’s scratched vinyl shows are time travels in both linear directions. Some of the records he finds at flea markets and from which he plays the tracks are manufactured more than fifty years ago. At the same time the possibility arrises that someone out there tapes this show, and it will resurface in 2067. These two borders of perception make the actual now rather fluid. Is there a now? And is this list of topics that you will hear discussed a guarantee that this show ever happened?

Here you go.

Election sunday in Germany . heavy metal brother . arrow shaped star fighters . flooded flea markets in Kreuzberg Berlin . confessions of a food rescuer . thrown away organic salmon . the taste of organic tomatoes . condom food with herbs and spices . the chicken leg enigma . Tony Bassett and the Lakhovsky multi-wave oscillator. disappear from radar . brain machine . sponsors wanted for brain frequency machine . interdimensional freak . Rick and Morty and Wilhelm Reich and Tesla and Kate Bush . election talks . beatings in the streets of Berlin . the spirals of life . doctors of mathematics . the other dimension people . backwater shithole . poor man’s university . weathermen musings . one more cup of coffee . greetings from Berlin . Radio On loves you .

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