People working in the street, a new gaspipe, a van parked, doors open, loud techno for everyone. What a relieve to put on my headphones and listen to the new Lord Litter show. Songs in every gradation, introverted, nostalgic, fun, loud, weird and a nice interview over a cup of tea to round it off. You don’t find people working in your street everyday of course, but if you’d like to take a holiday from your daily environment then this show is the place to go.


1. The NoMen – Ghost in Tassled Panties – CD – Dawn Of The NoMen –

>> Au Revoir Johnny Hallyday….
2.Johnny Hallyday – Je suis né dans la rue – CD – Riviere …. ouvre to lit –

3. Jean Caffein – I needed to play those drums
4. Jean Caffein – It’s nothing nice without you
3/4 CD – Sadie Saturday Nite

5. Ward Of Cause – Ward Of Cause – CD – Antinomy

6. The Smiling Buddhas – Taravana – CD – Cote

7. Phinney / McGee – track 3 (excerpt) – CD – Zip! There’s Your station Tuned To A Pinpoint!
8. Mental Anguish – Frozen Lake (excerpt) – CD – Frozen Lake
7/8 – haltapes

9. Rob Gould – TituTaTuTe – CD – Black Holes and Empty Spaces

John Armstrong Interview – Part 2 … talking about THE SPEED OF SOUND
10. The Speed of Sound – Uhrwerk – bonus CD
11. The Speed of Sound – Karin B – LP
12. The Speed of Sound – The Moment is now – LP
10-12 – LP with bonus CD – Everything Changes /
ELECTRIC BOHEMIA – art community

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