Junie Crawford – Transmission 5, Nancy

Another intimist portrait of life in the early stages of the 21st century somewhere in the northern parts of the Americas by our collaborator Junie Crawford. The episode links the oral tradition of the firm twentieth century with the emotional prospects to which the new century opens. Ideas are still amorphous and plans are in an intuitive phase. The future is as wide as the landscape, and meanwhile the guitar does its thinking.


In the words of Junie Crawford:

“Nancy Sue Goldberg (neé Pair) was a nurse from Alabama. She was an avid dog-lover and a green-thumb gardener and a real take-no-prisoners nurse. She reared kids and grandkids, she Drove Across America. She was a joy and a kindness and a real breeze, she was a kitchen-floor-shoulder-to-cry-on and a till-death-do-I partner-in-crime. She cared more than anyone I’ve ever met.”

“She was my grandmother and my friend. She died this week. I miss her.”

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