Gavin Morrow presents Grey Frequency

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Grey Frequency is the music project of British audio and visual artist Gavin Morrow. Through the manipulation and composition of electronics, field recordings and found sounds, he explores themes of memory, modern mythology, and the world of audio disintegration.

Morrow is a part of the Lincoln-based Weird Garden collective, and co-runs their recently launched record label. He is a regular contributor to the acclaimed A Year In The Country compilation series, and has had music featured on BBC Radio 3's Late Junction, and 6 Music's Freak Zone.


Part 1 - 28m 30s 
Haunted Tape (EVP1) 
Lost Ferric Souls Waves, Santa Cruz, USA [field recording] 
Rendlesham Forest (1980) 
Travis Walton UFO abduction interview [found sound] 
Dyatlov Pass Rain, Nottingham, UK [field recording] 
Stapleford Hill Book reading [found sound] 
Agrarian Lament 
Simon, NYC, 1988 [found sound] 
Ghost Light Hypnotherapy vox [found sound] 
Nottingham Canal 
Part 2 - 28m 30s 

Sunday 22nd November 2020 [excerpt] + Police interview tape timecode vox [found sound] 
ABC 123 Phantom Cosmonauts 
Answering machine feedback [found sound] 
Elegy For Vinegar Tom Church bells, Whitby, UK [field recording] 
The Dechmont Woods Encounter 
Birdsong, Bramcote, Nottingham, UK [field recording] 
An Empty Cinema [excerpt] + Boy playing piano, Utah, USA [field recording] Thoughtographic Howling wind, Austin, NV, USA [field recording] 
Looped Bazaar 

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