The Nikolas Schreck Show – From Prussia With Love: Music to Spy By

Nikolas Schreck gets in the mood for radiodrama here on Radio On. As ever assisted by the mysterious Ania PsH and founding father Adrian Shephard, he pulls in a good deal of hard boiled pulp fiction to tell us a story. While the songs of singers and orchestra’s played back over a cheap hi-fi set slowly burn the brains of the secret agent, Nikolas and Ania get in the mood for cocktails, chandeliers and a good bowl of Russian borscht. Get that cigarette smoke out of your eyes and join us.

Or as Nikolas’ assistant would put it

For your ears only! Get into the spirit of the New Cold war with the third installment of THE NIKOLAS SCHRECK SHOW. Broadcast from Berlin, espionage capitol of the world, ”From Prussia With Love: Music to Spy By” is a radio drama pitting 007 (Adrian Shephard) against the forces of Spectre portrayed by Nikolas Schreck and Ania PsH, set to an exciting and eclectic soundtrack of classic and obscure spy music.

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