Agnès Pe – Mitt Paté (Revolution)

The past and the future are like a blank canvas. You can put as many colors and images and abstract designs on it as you like. You can repeat this every day again, and every day the past and the future will look different.

In a hypothetical past designs and icons, ideas and legends, belief systems and people had the power to give sense and guidance to individuals, a community or a population.

In a hypothetical future none of this will happen anymore.

In a hypothetical here and now, I listen to Agnès Pe’s last composition. I think: she lives and observes, feels and discovers or just willfully consumes the movements and events in a big city in a given time in history. All these impressions exist.

In a hypothetical here and now there is a revolution going on. Images, belief systems, people or ideas, hypes and lifestyles or capitalist-realist commercials no longer give sense and guidance to an individual’s life. The individual will start up a process. She will no longer produce art. She will animate her creation, produce life.

In a hypothetical future life will be energy. Space will define itself every day again in the most surprising and inspiring way.

This is what I heard when I listened to Agnès’ last composition.


Halcyon Veil – Rabit & House of Kenzo serving with Angel-Ho, Chino, and Sam // Why be – Doom Bells // Dormir dans la chambre froide – le temps du voyage // Jean- Louis Huhta – Security // Dusthillguy III – newpenisroom // хворость – спасибо,Балобанов /

/ oxhy – left the village and crossed the stream knowing that they can’t return // yeongrak – heli up with literang 4 way cross sect spear // DotS – (fuck artist, fuck you) // Anal Borroughs – it’s ok to steal (outro) // oxhy – Beckoned towards nowhere(i couldnt hear singing from that hilltop) // estoc – YOU DONT MEAN NOTHIN AT ALL (NELLY FURTADO X THE BODY) // Nmesh – ROAST OF VAPORWAVE (featured on OSCAST) // City – Pain Power /

/ José Luis Macías – La invasión de las notas // Aethereal Arthropood – Hydra ́s Amaranthine Invigoration // Stephanie Tierney – Fuck Attack // Crowhurst – Alcohol poisoning // Dossyrok – Sound Sucker (1st Encounter) // B.I.S. – Psychotropic Bonanza // Yeongrak – monta monta // Yasunao Tone – Clapping Piece // 7038634357 – Don’t you recognize me // iamleila – Yam 2000 2017 Bnc 1 // Mike Kitcher – Amabele-o-o /

/ Casey Anderson – Possible Dust (Norrie) // d.hansen – idioms // Morusque – i // Porest & People Like us – Optimized! // Andrew Pekler – Synthetic Gamelan and Frogs // Company Fuck – I fell huh-core // Anal Burroughs – Nihilist rock // estoc – My betrayal (estoc’s antifa tool) // AMET – Women in Pain // rss – I met Remix // King Kong – Bai street dance // Neele Hülcker – konzentrat 2 // Jenna Sutela – An exercise to lose the head

Voices: Emma
Agnès Pe, 2018 (València)



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