Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Elektronisch

A gift by LL, a sublime show that puts contemporary avant-garde music and sounds in perspective. Listen to the tracks by A.G. Geige, an ensemble from Karl Marx Stadt in the former DDR. LL provides the link to a documentary, but wouldn’t it be a good idea if he could do a special on them, maybe have a guest at his studio as well?

And what to think of the tracks from the Generator unlimited cassette release that close the show. A lot of voices from the past have proved to belong to real living persons who could produce odd sounds, as you watched them. Also here we find a name, Vittore Baroni, whose works and activities could easily fill up a one hour special.

Life is good.


1. V-Sor,X – Elektronisch – from forthcomming CD

2. Anton Barbeau – Go! (1984)
3. Anton Barbeau – Plonkee Trawl
2/3 CD – antronica 2

4. A.G. Geige – Das Moebiusband / Zeychen und Wunder
5 A.G. Geige – Fingerwalze
6. A.G. Geige – Das Scheusal
4-6 LP – Trickbeat (Amiga) –
AG Geige – Ein Amateurfilm (Documentary)
Band portrait (german langugage) http://www.deutsche-mugge.de/portraits/946.html

PUMF … undergroundin’ since 1984
7. UNIT – A Song for Paul Novak – cd compilation – godspunk vol. 18
8. UNIT – Death to R & R
9. UNIT – Ming Hai
8/9 from CD compilation – godspunk vol. 10
10. Howl in the Typewriter – Image is everything – cd compilation – godspunk vol. 18

Generations Unlimited … 27 years later
11. Barbara Moore – Inclusive Oasis in Cultural Desert
12. Anna Homler – Voice Message
13. Anna Homler – Secha
14. Vittore Baroni – Voice Message
15. Vittore Baroni – Future Dreams by Le Forbici di Manitú

16. Gaston Bertin – Happy to be back in the Generator Voice Box
17. Gregory Wildes – String Drive
18. Dina Emerson – Voice Message
19. Dina Emerson – Glow Glass Dance

20. David Prescott – Calling from Delta Sky Club Detroit
21. Stv Jns – Generating
22. Conrad Schnitzler – So Long!
11-22 – MC compilationTwenty-Seven Years later

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