Don Campau – Back to 1994

Don Campau plays homemade music and sounds in his radio shows. He received loads of cassette releases ever since the 1980s. They filled his garage. Last year Don started to send his tapes to Zeppelin City in the very south of Germany. Packets with hundreds of cassettes travelled from one side of the ocean to the other side. They became part of a work of Teutonic dimensions.

Don’s shows for Radio On were made with the tapes that he received in the post. Now that these tapes have gone, he presents a new series. Don Campau offers a time-travelling experience. He started in 1991 and now he has arrived in 1994. And something spooky enters the series. The chain of shows link to an other image, of a unit that travels through time. We only get to know about the passengers on this ship or train or whatever means of transport they use (Planet Earth?) thanks to Don’s shows. An epic tale evolves. The passengers are friendly, extremely well humoured and energetic; they have a very good time, but we are here, in 2017. We know about the inevitable that is about to happen. How many more years before the passengers will find out?

The current show was originally broadcasted on 13 March 1994.

Artists featured in order of appearance:

Ken Clinger
Josh & The Identity Crisis
Lord Litter
Little Fyodor
The Conspiracy

Andrew Savage
Dream baby Dream
49th paralel
Third State
Polar Voids
Dark Soul

Mana Erg from “Janus”

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