Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté Number 25

This is episode 25 of Agnes’ series of mixes wherein music hallucinates its own existence and dreams of its future. It is a joyous new show, this celebrative moment. All the windows are open. Sunlight streams in. The last residues of last night’s tear gas tickle the trees and the birds: coughing birds, crying birds, birds that laugh through their tears. The King awakes and looks at his city: splendid city, golden flags and open windows everywhere. His crown still doesn’t fit. Agnes dances around in her room, dances around with her feather duster. Her assistant lectures on the many meanings of the number 25.

Get ready, get happy, here’s the track list:

Patiño – ROTFPML // Value Exchange – Outro // Metrakit – The Verve (Bitter Sweet Symphony) // Unidentified sound object – Transmission Apparatus [USO004] // Zoë Mc Pherson – Sabotage story (unknot opening) // Carly Ptak – Search, Study,Survey // Awkward Geisha /

/ AndroidXattackXamatXscreamO – Beat it at the Karaoke Bar // Doza Electronica en General – Electromovil // François Couperin – Les Barricades Mystérieuses // zAr-zAx – Compo Classique (essai) // James Shain – Sunrise on Day Three // DOC/B1per/Fat Grumos – Intro // Logosamphia – Forrest Dump // Lounge Gizzard – More Efficiently Squelched // Visibilities – Anhedonic /

/ Keith Fullerton Whitman – Halle (Saale) // Nu No – para acabar de vez com o juízo de Artaud // Boiling Universe – It’s Not Fair // John Dinner – Colacal Synthesis // Nu No – daqui dá para ouvir a Lua ft. Tomé Duarte // Lezet – Humming 3 (Reprise) // ClearVisionDream Productions – Jurassic Park Δ River Adventure® // Quasar – Greek cicadas // Sean McCann – Lurida // Florian Walter – Bruit_Hechti /

/ Aster Williams – This is How I Felt // GMO sharia law – Circles in the parking lot // zAr-zAx – Gabbutation // Chunyin – 想起 Look Back On This // Odor Baby – 1808_01_edit // Reece Cox – Broca’s Talking Candle // ASA-CHANG&巡礼 – 『12節』PV // Maja S. K. Ratkje – Intro // Roxette – No sé si es amor // Peter Seligman – auwfjam // Dan Deacon – My name is Robert // Dj Sumber Kencono – Bintang Kehidupan (Nike Ardila Bootleg Remix)

Voices: Audrey / Ken / Rachel
Agnès Pe, 2018 (Madrid)


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