MA/68 by Alan Dunn and Students

Alan Dunn, our man in the UK, does a lot of sound works with students of various academies or universities, often young men and women who have no experience in sound art. The present collage is close to a re-enactment of the Paris student revolt of May 1968. Enthusiasm, agitation, poetry, street riots, political statements, manifesto’s, but also eery imaginary scenes from dark sci-fi movies are part of the composition. Does this give the listener something to think about? Is there something to think about at all in these times? Swipe your problems away. Listen and enjoy your freedom while it lasts.


Alan Dunn’s words

“In Paris in May 1968 Vangelis left his studio to gather streets sounds while at the end of the month The Beatles began work on their landmark assemblage Revolution 9. Fifty years on, MA/68 revisits these with a sound collage for Tannoys featuring street recordings and slogans from Je suis Charlie, Welcome to the Dark Ages, The Pop Group, Aston Academy, The Band of Holy Joy, Louis Malle’s Milou en Mai, Marijampole Capital of Culture event, International Women’s Day and art students from Leeds Beckett University, University of Central Lancashire, Wirral Metropolitan College and Liverpool John Moores University.”

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