Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté (DeWorm)

In the beginning is the beginning, but it is not always that obvious. I had to listen again. Observing my primal thoughts I was quite pleased with this radio of ours. We always tell our radiomakers to envision it as a laboratory. Agnes Pé is with us for almost three years, with every month a new show. And somehow these shows have become one and they have become a crystal ball. Look deep into the vague and bright colours and you will see something is taking shape.

Back to the beginning, but a different one. The new show by Agnes has more to it than any work on sound you might read or want to read. Capitalism is a religion. The modern pop songs are part of the liturgy, they offer a feeling of comfort, of home-coming, of care and love. They give capitalism a human and a divine face. If you listen well you can read this in her new show. Songs that stand in a tradition that goes back thousands of years.

And now here’s the beginning that I needed to listen to again, because I didn’t understand one point. Now I do. And you can understand it to.

Go to the future. Go somewhere beyond Blade Runner 2049. This show is better. It starts with an engine failure. I think an animal has destroyed some bits and bots. You can hear it. You can hear the work going on. Listen. And you can hear when it stops.

The radio plays a fine new remake of bohemian rhapsody. The flying vehicle is on its way, not into the galaxies, but in a megacity in a not so far future. Feeling lost already. Impressions blur, impressions shift, impressions implode. This is not a friendly world. Everything is strange, dehumanized. A world that has drowned in colours and smoke, no visions, no rest. Only the songs give you peace. Some kind of peace on earth? No, in a near future they don’t sell christmas anymore.

Track list

CCC Publications – Helloooo // lover – zoologic // Fatin Shidqia – Gangnam Style // acsnchz – Somebody That I Used To Know – Gotye (Acapella Cover) // SCOXROX – Total Ellipse of the heart // Joshua Musik Gotye – Somebody that i used to know // ال ست_ sleepyXTRA – GOOGLE PDSP850 // Hosam Mo’men – Lady Gaga – Alejandro Millenial Whoop, Wikipedia // Edgar Hernandez – Lady Gaga Bad // _جَاجَا – أَليخاندرو Romance // mirandasings08 – bad romance //

Simon Chioini – P7 L-Grand Jeu // Nicolas Gaunin – ZajaZum // Atom Earth Mother – (can’t) Get (you) Out Of My Head // Beets by Dr FrenchToast – bohemian rap // ICarrangements – Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody (arrangement for String Quartet) // DRRTY PHARMS – Death (prod. MIKEY SPACE Jr.) // miQue – Bird/Perfume… Welcome! // CCC Publications – Public Tool // Sense Fracture – In my escape i look for a weapon // Gl6ria & Pizza Dracula – MY CASTLE, MY RULES // DEATHISCHEAP – Moderncompany copie //

Jedspanda – California Gurls Katy Perry // CCCPublications – Some Diet // Goodiepal –
Battlefleet Gothic // SCOXROX – Here comes eliza // 🙌 Oblaka – METEORITE AND OBSIDIAN // B. Ames – California Gurls (B. Ames Remix) (Feat. Snoop Dogg) _ Katy Perry // RAPPEUR QUALITE PRIX – Mesmecure // En Fleurs – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Chipmunk Style) // CR+ – Turrican // Lyy sünnœtty pækkülyttï – Larajaa // Great American Audio Corp. – Wizard of Oz // The Millenial Whoop A Glorious obsession with the melodic alternation, Patrick Metzler //

Dumb and Dumber “What is the annoying sound” // DJ B-Generation #609Music – Katy Perry – California Girls #JerseyClub // The Millennial Whoop (BBC) // La eskers de tu madre – mc rollo // Lyy sünnœtty pækkülyttï – live improvisation // CCC Publications – Glass Break // RAPPEUR QUALITE PRIX – post scriptum // Charisse Consui – Moves like Jagger_Maroon 5 cover // Marc – Szaleñstwa Panny E-wy // Spongebob – Musical Doodle // Chew Gum to Kill That Earworm?, The ASHA Leader //

Cuarteto Cadenza – Somebody that i used to know (Gotye) // Ultramiedo – Catacea // AquaNightcore – Can’t get you out of my head // HXCTXRMXRX – My favourite Lolis // 99 jakes – Touch Like // VOON – I can’t get you out of my head // ??? – questionmarkquestionmarkquestionmarkquestionmark ~ F UP YA B // SHUT UP EARWORM I’M A CHEW GUM

Voices: Graham, Selene, Amanda, George, Tina, Audrey

Agnès Pe, 2018 (Madrid)

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