Radio On in the Promised Land ( on all Hallow’s eve)

Adrian Shephard resurrected an ancient Radio On show from the data cemetery. He washed the corpse, connected some wires, waited for a thunder storm, made sure that the lightning would strike and voilà, the voices came back, the characters took shape and there they were in the flesh and blood.

A drama unfolds in which Lucifer shows God and his little helper around on his real estate.

Ghost stories, the guillotine, cemeteries, the plague, a plan, a jester and a minstrel are just a few of the many elements of a show that will keep you spellbound from the beginning to the end.

Is it a musical, a documentary or a modern age Decameron? Are these expats fallen from heaven? Or is this just Berlin, the promised land as it once was found by the 21st century immigrants?

The show is presented by Shephard and Van Alebeek, recorded and mastered by Adrian Shephard

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