Alan Dunn & Derek Beaulieu – (drowned out by traffic noise): a, A Novel

Alan Dunn, based in Leeds, works with students, teaches and produces great works of sonic art. His students learn how to make radiophonic works, radio plays or plain sonic weirdness that after all is not that weird at all.

Alan’s solo works and his work with students are regularly broadcasted by our radio station.

For this production he teamed up with Derek Beaulieu. Also in a, A Novel Alan evokes the sehnsucht that was so typical of 1980s post-punk music in the UK. Other elements are added that will make you think of the elegant beauty of the Powell&Pressburger movies or give you the shivers for their horror characteristics.

Students and plain contemporary (pop) music producers could learn from this work. Listen how elements of speech or the ticking of a clock can be used in -almost- danceable tracks.

In Alan’s words:

Derek Beaulieu’s a, A Novel erases all the text in Andy Warhol’s 1968 novel, leaving only the punctuation marks, typists’ insertions and onomatopoeic words.

(drowned out by traffic noise): a, A Novel, created in collaboration with Alan Dunn, composes ten audio responses to the book into this single 60-minute soundtrack.

Pascalle Burton – After the After Party, 1979 radio
Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim and Stine Janvin Joh – p343 for Theodor W. Adorno
Peter Jaeger – a A Novel p85
Karri Kokko – Haukotus (Yawn) A
Sylvain Chauveau – a, page 113
Cecilie Bjørgås Jordheim – p343 dick isn’t that big (16mm soundtrack)
Gary Barwin – Typing Warhol Page 1
Prof. Oddfellow – Clockwork Punctuation
Gary Barwin & Arnold McBay – texture: code: sound
Alan Dunn & collaborators – p100/101 featuring Molly Wookey, an elderly lady on whom Dr. Arthur Spencer at Powick Psychiatric Hospital trialed heavy doses of LSD + Weirdomusic Drip, Drip, Drip + The Ramonas Let’s Dance + WOMPS recording with Steve Albini in Chicago, captured by Katie Strang + AD&THEFILMTAXI X + Jean-Philippe Renoult Nosey Noises, a medley of George Clinton’s nostril noise and breathing + Jeff Young Chapter III (ocean) and Chapter IV (ritual) + Noisesurfer Silence and Water.

Artwork by Arnold McBay, design by 67projects, Peter Jaeger track mastered by Ken Brake at Regal Lane Studio, London.

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