Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté, Now It’s Christmas Time (This Year Again)

An amazing mild mix of sounds and christmas songs in this, yes it’s that time of year again episode of Mitt Paté. Agnès got rid of all the ear wurms. It is safe to listen. You will not come out damaged.

The thirty minute mix is also like an open letter. I am afraid that it will never arrive. But you can help. Try to read and understand, and once you understand, you might want to support the idea.

Owners and rulers of warehouses, shopping malls, cultural institutions, big office blocks, churches and royal palaces, all you franchisers…hi. I think it would be a cool idea if you give 10% of the surface of your buildings to social housing and artists. Let them live cheap, let them produce what they like, and then just wait and see. You might find out that you like the outcome. You might find out that witnessing the production process, different ways of approaching life could give pleasure, and arouse curiosity. You might even think that in the end it would be a good idea to close one of your shopping malls, royal palaces, churches or cultural institutions. 

But alas, I am afraid the message will never arrive. 

Track List

Linus Music Studio – A Shulakan Christmas // XXXMAS – Introduction // LeeRosevere – EMDR // TRG Banks – Christmas Day // M – I can’t play anything but if Idid it would be your nerves // Prelude to Christmas /

/ King Stunna – FNE MERRY X-MAS MIX !! 😉 IG // Weird Paul Petroskey – Jingle Bells // HCMJ – Now It’s ChristmasTime (This Year Again) // Richard Eigner – Demonising Christmas // The SomethingAwful Awful Christmases – Jingle Bells Live /

/ Awkward Geisha – All I Want forChristmas is You // Christmas Madness (Experimental Music) 2016 // A Bunch ofFun People – Silent Night // John Oswald – white // Ethan Marks – Slight XMAS //Desdemona Dæne – Winter Blooming // CHINABOT – Wo de Shijian // A Bunch ofFun People – Christmas Bells /

/ Kathleen Martin – My Itty Bitty Christmas Ditty // HiPaul – Christmas Medley // junior85 – All An Axolotl Wants For Christmas Is Iodine //unknown – Merry Christmas Terry // Peter Cusack – Pigeons Whistles in the Sky //AkumaDaikon – Driving Home for Christmas /

/ The Something Awful AwfulChristmases – Your very last christmas // Crime Scene – X-Mas in the Ghetto // Sool -Xmas Message // Karan Chitra Deshmukh – jingle bells tabla cover // Mel Torme -Mel’s Intro // jingle bells piano dark version // The Something Awful AwfulChristmases – Christmas Time! // Harold H. Hardman – 184502 /

/ poj. walk – Faun //estonji & instant report – guitar drumming // Gavin Paul Cunningham – What Carol ofthe Bells is this // JAMESHETFIELDLYNCHING – The Christmas Eve Massacre of1993 // Phillipe Hallais (aka Low Jack) – Everything (Good) // Laura & Christine – Thefirst noel // Dj Massive Chris – Christmas Blow torch /

/ Dj Jhonples Christmas Mix -Deck the Hall // Daniel Cross – Concert for firecars // Holly Golightly – ChristmasTree’s on Fire // Jingle Cats – A kitten’s story // Peter Cusack – Two small boys goshopping // Christmas Lights Dancing to (Jingle Bells Techno) 2013 /

/ Jengle JangleJongle Caets // Jingle Cats – The names cats, jingle cats // technojinglebells // TheJethros – Frosty The Snow Plow // Healthy Vegan Adventures – What do I think ofChristmas

Voices: Selene

Agnès Pe, 2018
(Barcelona, Valencia, Lleida, Madrid)


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