Don Campau – The Echolocation of Eternity

Don Campau, look him up here.  Tune in to his radio show if you happen to be on a road trip in California. Stay with us for his more archive oriented shows.

For this show Don has dug up mainly seven inches: singles.

Energetic, joyful, liberating, incredible.

The rich history of the current underground culture, unnoticed by the main media, unnoticed by the main record companies, unnoticed by all those bright people who dump their beautiful blue consumer pearls into your life.

Who cares?

The plastic future is here.

Now let’s find the echolocation of eternity.


Bugo/ Questione D’eternita/ Questione D’eternita/ Bar La Muerte 7″ 1999
Trespassers W/ You/ Macht Kaputt EP/ Pillow Talk 7″ 1987?
Monster Squad/ Death & Destruction / Monster Squad/ —7″ 2001


Steine Fur Den Frieden/USS Weltpolizei/ Romp 7″ late 80s
Keith Levene & Hillel Slovak/ Clothesline/ split with Kendra Smith/ Overzealous 7″ 90’s?
Die Kuche/ Granada V8/ Die Kuche/ Stetzer 7″ early 2000’s?


Pop Threat/ Ripen/ Ripen/ Squirrel Records 7″ 2001
The Saturday Nights/ Rabid Wolves/ Rabid Wolves/ —7″ 2000’s?
Dubeaumont/ Les Ronds Bleu/ La Vie D’un Garcon/ L’usine 7″ late 80s
Populaire Mechanik/ Muster/ Muster/ —7″ 1981


Davey Williams/ Firing Up The Old Sikorsky/ Carbon/ Table Of The Elements 7″ 1993
Garlic/ Drink Induced Conversations/ —/—7″ early 2000’s
Sleepy People/ Home Is Where The Telly Is/ —/ Soporific Foundation 7″ 1997
Bubblegum Thunder/ Describing The Symptoms/ —/Dada Records 7″ 1993


Alphane Moon/ To Almondine/Circle Of Four/ Spiffing 7″ 1995
Alvaro & Toshiyuki Hiraoka/ Perfection Is Boring/ —/ Hard Disc 7″ 1992
Pamela Z/ Echolocation/ Echolocation/ —cassette 1988


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