20 March, 20.00-21.30 Rádio Nuda live from Prague

This evening sees another premiere on Radio On. Brutism or bruitism, or simply a new arrangement of the sounds that surround us? Tune in to find an answer to non-existing questions.

Your host will be Romano Krzych.

In his words:
Post-Cage radio show, and ruled by Romano Krzych / O Reche Modo ,
Rádio Nuda restores the extraordinary and almost sickly musical bloom of our time to what it is: a sound of the world.
Rádio Nuda works against collections, catalogs, fetishism – against the devils of the commodity
Playlist available on request only
Collusion of tastes and styles, abolition of hierarchies, sound-collages, folding, happy brothel, improvisations
and sometimes live shows
from Praha