Dai Coelacanth – Mackeral’s cryptic cup lung

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Dai’s words:

One day I will steal your cup. The Colonel’s thoughts stuck to his balding head. He had to brush them off with a transceiver. I AM NOT ALONE. I AM NOT ALONE. He was alone in aisle 13 his basket full of freshly minted cassettes. Sensors in the wall detected a slight disturbance an aroma that didn’t match his profile. In the Control Booth Nancy gleefully rubbed the spectral analysis and spat on the floor.

Mortuary Zero-Zero did her best to keep herself out of the news but her perpetual terror campaign ran counter to this. Scientist’s speculated that she was actually two people. Mortuary Zero-Zero and Mortuary Zero-Zero-Zero. The only info I had on file was that she had won a poetry contest when she was aged five. I’ve seen it THE PLIGHT OF THE WIGGLY WORM IS DUE FOR TAKE OFF. I get hungry every time I read it. I’ve got sandwiches. They are in the Colonel’s satchel.

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