Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – In Berlin again

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It is always a great pleasure, and in a way a satisfactory and reassuring experience as well, to play the new Lord Litter Show for the first time; that jingle right at the beginning has been with us for ages now. Routine, yes, but the same routine as passing by at your stammkneipe on your way home, no matter if it is morning, afternoon or deep at night. You know what, and more or less who to expect. Do these bars still exist in Berlin? I have no idea. But the music in lord Litter’s shows give a good indication of what such a bar would sound and look like.

1. Michael A. Cosma – Skull (excerpt) –  CD – EC Split 4
2. Life On A Blender – Freak of Nature with a Lonely Heart – CD – satsuma

3. Jay Tausig – Father Cannot Yell 4. Revbjelde – Dreaming Girls
3/4 tripple LP set – Head Music 2
5. Gen Ken – Patchy Fog – CD – EC Split 12

>> Lord Litter presents Achim Treu ………………
6. Kevyn Godley – The Ghosts of the Living – CD/LP – Muscle Memory
7. X-Cetra – wonderland – CD-R – Stardust
8. Don Campau / Achim Treu – not for long – CD-R – Beyond Fake
9. Dauerfisch – Ride my bike – CD – Crime Of The Century

>> Achim Treu

3. Anemic Billfold, 1993 booklet with Achim Treu/Dauerfisch interview (and other fascinating facts and stories from the *cassette culture* scene)

10. John M. Bennett – Ojijete (excerpt) – CD-R – EC Split 2 >>> Darrell Draeger’s “Facts Myths & Lies of D.I.Y Music 1987-1993” Cassette Culture Blog

11. Frozen Plastic – Sky – CD – Glider (1992)

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