Radio On jingles by Alan Dunn and Sofya Tamarina

Alan Dunn (click link to see a list of his Radio On shows)..(and click link to see his currucilum) does sound. He also does teaching, instructing, inspiring. Students are involved in his work with and on sound.

Now he has followed up a request by us, to create jingles and to ask his students if they want to join.


Here’s the first results.

Three jingles by Aland Dunn, that have become miniatures and show how little running time you need to make a precious work of radio art.

Three jingles by Sofya Tamarina, that show a glimpse of a bigger world, here the world of Radio On, there, where they come from, a world that is completely unknown, waiting to explored. The miniature is what you see/hear when you lift a tip of the veil.