Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Where we go from here

No-one knows where this will go, never ending sunshine days. Under trees the afternoon waits for a visitor. Water, a stray dog, warm pavement. A book that smells of the year 1973. Backwards, while future sleeps. playlist 1. Jens Fischer Rodrian – Der Fisch 2. Jens Fischer Rodrian – Seelen schweben 3. Jens Fischer Rodrian – Das Glücksglas 4. Jens Fischer Rodrian – Was bleibt 1-4 – CD – Wahn&Sinn 5. Dereck Higgins, Bret H. Hart – Grasping the Nettle – CD – Ear-Sculpture 1 6. Dereck Higgins, Bret H….


But then the hiding place turned into a trap and the gun fell to pieces. Hello hello my socks have been stolen I’m the Cannibal King this should not happen. Hide under the covers. You know what they are like. The confusion was understandable. The old Shemp wardrobe trick. The producers were trying to appeal to the Wasp women of Delta 7. Russians in the car-park looking for a deal. How’s the pilot doing she’s not looking right. Suzi puts in a call to Domestics. We can’t shoot here the…

The Tape Review Show – Guide to Bizarre Behaviour, Shits of the 2060s, Shaun Robert, Alexander Luchkin

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek host The Tape Review Show. The stories guide us into the world of culture and politics and way beyond. Art lovers might be interested in an indepth analysis of the works of Hieronymous Bosch. Berlin residents might be interested in a report on how to collect a postal package at the customs. Tapes and vinyl playeded and discussed: Various Artists – Guide To Bizarre Behavior Vol. 6 Anonymous – Shits of the 2060s Shaun Robert – Atavist Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek

The Tape Review Show: Alexander Luchkin, Mark Vernon, Earl Long

Adrian Shephard and Rinus Van Alebeek play and sing like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez and only thirty seconds later they give a live rendering of Alvin Lucier’s I’m sitting in a room. There is talk about truth and non-truth and why everything that ever happened never ever happened at all.   Tapes and vinyl played, reviewed and discussed Alexander Luchkin – Muzyka Elektrichek Mark Vernon – Magneto Mori:Kilifinane Earl Long – Term Two    

Isn’t Everything Poetry? – Poetry Readings

“Isn’t Everything Poetry?” is a monthly event featuring poets, authors and spoken-word performers. It is hosted by Curious Fox Books. Situated in the heart of Neukölln, the poetry evenings have become a popular feature in the Berlin cultural life. Expats and locals from nearby and faraway come to listen to poetry and sometimes step up to the microphone to read some of their own. This show is recorded in February 2019. Editing/Recording by Adrian Shephard    

Radio On talks with Wassily Bosch

Wassily Bosch came to Berlin on a short visit from Moscow. We spoke about every cliché possible. Siberian top models, eating ice cream on the Red Square, Lenin’s nose, getting drunk, wodka addicts, Pushkin and Gogol, War And Peace and Gregory Peck, Chernobyl, Stalin and the Moscow Metro, Siberian top models of course, Siberian topmodels on the Transsiberian express, Siberian topmodels in Berlin and where to find them and how to date them, Charlottengrad, motorcycles, Siberian topmodels on motorcycles, Russia Today, Siberia tomorrow, Dr. Zhivago, Dr. Zhivago in Siberia and…

Dai Coelacanth – Linda Harris and the Paranoid Lungs

Local kids burnt down the school. Got the jitters. Sought a necromantic solution. Nancy promised them a hundred years of rain. Too late. She was busy unspooling the tapes. Doing a job on the memory bank. Fans of the program found their conversations deteriorating. The space between words was becoming damp and humid. The main character had never known anything different. She sat in her bucket and grew a single hair. Buy Dai Coelacanth’s new cassette here.

Lord Litter’s Radio On Show – Berlin 2078

Compiled when the Sun fell down on Berlin and burned all streets and buildings. Luckily we could escape in time and watch from our ice tents how the lakes evaporated, and a big cloud of darkening dust covered the horizon. The heat was sharp as a needle. It could carve grooves into a crystal disk. LL played it on this show. 1. Don Campau – kwashiorkor – CD-R – Panoply 2. Ear Sculpture – B​-​Machine Gray 1a 3. Ear Sculpture – Grasping the Nettle 4. Ear Sculpture – The Undersea…

Agnes Pé – Mitt Paté, Conversation A

Summer is hot. Listen to some pool sounds and sounds collaged near the pool. pool. slash. a bigger splash . waterbomb. water, cool water, splash again. underwater sound system. Summer is hot. Recorded in Lleida, Spain during a heatwave. tracklist dicksoak – Michael back // JOJceno – Conversation A // s1m0nc3II0 – r0ll Lo0p impr0visition // JOJceno – Cocc & Ball Torture // Kazumoto Endo – Itabashi Girl // Rape-X – Love, Devotion, Surrender // DSic – CODE425 // tran an – Heart shaped box Nirvana (ORGAN) // Noah Creshevsky…