The Tape Review Show – Lonktaar recordings, whereiswave?, Muzan Editions

At some point in the show the act of sneezing will be explained in depth, and the conclusion is: You’re timeless when you sneeze.

Recorded on the first day of springtime 2020 in Berlin Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek talk about the C-situation in Berlin, a free-associative flow of thoughts that includes observations, analyses, prophecies and visions of a no-money society, empty streets, art during The Plague and heavy duty robots taking over.


Tapes played and discussed

Molestia Auricularum – non abbiamo un solo istante che ci sia comune, released by lonktaar recordings

AS* – untitled, released by whereiswave?

Odd Narrative – Parks, released by Muzan Editions

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