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I’ve been at this this a while it seems ? It seems maybe much longer when I look back ?
Maybe a memory, for you it’s maybe a book, a film, a song that becomes an event that happened, that follows you through life ?
Mine is sitting on a english summer lawn a hot on a hot summers day, a 15 year old with stereo speakers pointing out onto my village lawn discovering dub reggae through an artist called Prince Far-I and his backing band via a Charisma compilation I bought mainly as it had some Genesis track on it ! Far from Spanish town ?

Prince Far I Far I – a voice with a message .

Later down the road the expanding cassette culture introduced me to the Pay it all back series and into the weird and wonderful world of On u sound and friends and More Far-I followed :

Style Scott explains
“I think he (Far -I ) was here in the UK , before that but during that year he chooses me and he was one of the artists who was spotting me. So I got the chance to tour with him as things started getting serious Roots Radics wise. The first Roots Radics tour was when we went to Grenada. We weren’t called Roots Radics we were called ‘Roots Rock’ that was set up by a guy called ‘sky-I’ who is now working for Ziggy Marley. It was our first move out of Jamaica as a proper band and then after that we did our second tour with Gregory Isaacs when we came to London in 1982.

’84 The Blackwash and the West Indies became the longest running undefeated champions of the world of sport as Fari would say .. Heavy bowling indeed !!!

Fari’s releases subsequently became synonymous with Adrian Sherwood promoting mixing and remixing the voice of Thunder via on u sound records and events Adrian Sherwood expands on this

The Wirebender -“I am going to take you back in time a bit now..?
to the start of your label and your various different collaborations
with different artists and the name “On U”.

AMS; On U wasn’t in fact my name it was in fact a name given
to us by a guy called Brady, he was one of the early people
involved with us. It is a play on the word” Onus” ,a very important
sound” The definition if you look in the dictionary is “Very
important emphasis”

We just like adapted the name…


This latest show is a mix based on many of the sounds and artists associated with the labels sound-system nights all seven inch vinyl loving remastered for Radio on Berlin

Alongside we have links to some artist videos by the talented Mr Johnny Rocca and some of his video art:
dub syndicate – echomania , adf- pritpalstrange parcels.

Thanks to all at Radio On ,On u sound Johnny Rocca

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