Interview with Dmytro about the killings in Kiev, the ‘fascists’ , Crimea and Putin’s propaganda methods



The interview with Dmytro is a one hour program. He talks about the traumatic experiences during the killings.

“And then the police suddenly retreats, we don’t know why, and people start to follow them, But then they got shot by snipers”

“I have never seen such a massacre; the deaths were at the distance of my hand”

The Crimea situation.

“Some of the houses of the Tatars are marked, just like they did with the Jews. If Crimea becomes Russian, there will be a genocide.”

“People don’t seem to understand that this is 1938.”

The interview is a compelling portrait of a man in a country that is facing one of the biggest threats in its young history. Apart from the description of a historic moment, the interview sheds a different light on the protrayal of the events taking place; it reveals that the political situation is way more dangerous as we can imagine.

Interview with Dmytro in Kiev. Monday 10.March at 13:00-14:00 and at 23:00-24:00 Tuesday 11. at 02:00-03:00 and 23:00-24:00, Thursday 13, Friday 14. March at 02:00-03:00 Berlin time (-4 to -9 for the Americas) (+6 to +10 for South East Asia and Australia)