Ràdio Nuda – The Meta-Business Post-Mortem Challenge Method

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Radio On says:

We are not responsible for your ears, nor for your taste, dear listener. Neither would we like to discuss your music or sonic preferences, or argue about your choices. It is all fine. And within the limits of ‘fine’ things are pretty lame.

Since a couple of months the radio shows of Ràdio Nuda wash upon our shores. Does it bring detritus, waste, pollution?  Maybe. But it is an inspiring walk, along the shoreline. You can look at things you remember from very long ago and lose yourself in thoughts.

Together with the works of Agnès Pe, this is the future of sounds, and even more, it is a future that’s already gone.

Happy listenings.

Ràdio Nuda by O Reche Modo

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