Rádio Nuda XIV – mass music turned to noise

Made in Prague, while the town was boiling. Cooked, steamed, working from a big tupperware bed, here’s Rádio Nuda’s new show:

!special european softness heatwave!

aka radio trash = mass music turned to noise and vice-versa and whatever
“thanks” to André Pissoir, Vomir/Rollet, Consumer Electronics, Blue Sabbath Black Fiji , Chie Mukai /Justin Simon, a good cat, Shit&shine, Julian Assange, Iveta Plná, Robin Hannibal, Canicule, Discom, O Reche Modo, Alban Ceray,The Yellow Jackets, Scenes from Salad, KWI, Les Boucles Etranges, aesthetician street screamer, Artaud, Roger Blin, Royal Hungarian Noisemakers & Fixateur Externe, Buyukberber /Klein, Michel Barny, Evan Parker/Caterina Barbieri ….