The Wirebender presents why America may go to hell

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-Fun-Da-Mental formed in 1991 are notable for its energetic fusion of Eastern and Western musical forms, for its outspoken political stance, and for its strong Islamic affiliation and advocacy.
Fun-Da-Mental’s political stance has led to the group earning the label “the Asian Public Enemy”. The group’s work has led to international attention and collaborations with artists from Pakistan, South Africa and Siberia.

Radio on presenters the Wirebender and mixologist Guarin Tees mix of early fundamental trax provide the backdrop to an illuminating interview with Dave Watts of Fundamental. This archived interview is from 2002
Ranjan Balakumaran narrates the show

The Wirebender says that Nation records were both a huge influence and support to him giving him access to both their music and their cultural philosophies. Dave and Aki were the figureheads of Fundamental. The label also had numerous and luminary artists as can be seen by their recent on line catalogue.

Founding member Aki Nawaz has this to say about the group and label’s origins
“The idea for fundamental stemmed from my visit to New York. It really troubled me to see the imbalance of the ghetto which was basically for people of colour. When I got back to England I basically wanted to manage of four politically motivated musicians. As it was I couldn’t find them so I ended up doing it myself. We formed in five days and ended up doing Notting Hill carnival “ Aki Nawaz 1997

Family Man, Wicked Heart is the first release from Cousin It. Headphone Jack (Dave Watts aka KingLMan) and Herr Neumann (Savino DiVietro), two residents of Tenerife who crossed paths orbiting a galaxy of man-made foolishness.
Helen McDonald, singer with London-based Yabba Funk graces the mic to tell the story.

Based on a true events:
There was a murder across the street just after breakfast.
Chalk lines indicated the victims were of various ages.
Disney World’s operation continued unabated.
TV News trucks with satellite dishes pointed star ward.
High beamed interviews with neighbours that knew the killer.
They couldn’t believe it, they all said he was such a family man.

Cousin It hatched escape plans with the rings of Saturn in the rear view mirror.
The Socialist Spaceship has a full tank of fuel.
Will advise of the next departure.

Release Date: 10/07/2020



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