Dai Coelacanth – Like a normal human being

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The colonel looked at his shoes dirty toes poking out from beneath a decrepit frame these shoes are made of cardboard he cried suzi didn’t want to be drawn into another conversation about shoes. You know what has done me take a second to think about it time travel it has done me and it will do you. You never go the places you want after a while you can’t even produce a list of historic events you want to witness you just get stuck at some shitty party looping round forever. Suzi ignored him. The next episode is called Hoovaart the fish rescuer. Can we get a spider to play the fish they are incredibly versatile. None of the cast was human. Is Nancy a human name is daphne a human name is  mr lee a human name. I don’t think so. I don’t mind playing a fish but I am not going to be rescued I am not a charity case.

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