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Rekem records was started by Nicolas Malevitsis, Thalia Raftopoulou and Angelos Theodorou in 2012. Kostis Kilymis got involved later. Thalia and Angelos were close friends who had been running this blog here and Thalia had just recorded an “ethnographic” field recording of a tribe living behind her fridge in Leipzig. This became Rekem 01, issued as a 7″ and distributed amongst friends.

The idea behind Rekem is the notion of a constant search. Although its releases so far have gravitated around shared personal tastes and connections, more and more the group of four have been trying to challenge their preconceptions around what it is that matters in their community. This has meant focusing less on established ideas of what’s going around in “the scene”, and trying to reflect more on sound and artistic creation, how it moves around in the community, and what their role as producers could be on this.

Rekem had the good fortune of releasing two albums by Panos Charalambous recently, a performance, sound and visual artist who puts focus on the materiality of sound as it emerges through the land and people’s relationship with it. They recently did the Panos Panopoulos/Yorgos Samantas field-recording-with-an-anthropological-spin CD, a very valuable gesture in Greece (and abroad) in sharing a concentrated bunch of material specifically connected to a very specific place and culture of Greece. Rekem has also reissued the work of some cherished local artists, Costis Drygianakis, Dimosioypalliliko Retire, in bi-lingual editions that allow them to be shared better abroad.

Rekem records <-link


1. Costis Drygianakis – Chondros and Katsiani on the Mountain (excerpt)

2. Nihilist Spasm Band – East

3. Chris Forsyth & Nate Wooley – Third, Part 2 (excerpt)

4. Panos Charalambous – Ntavelis (Tsamiko)

5. Seg Fridge – Side B

6. Panos Panopoulos, Yorgos Samantas – At Kalandos

7. Dimitris Karageorgos – Xerakas

8. Leif Elggren – DasB1

9. Antoine Chessex – Selected Material from Live Action in London [Café OTO] 2015 (excerpt)

10. Dimosioypalliliko Retire – Occupations

11. Aggelos Krallis, Panos Panopoulos, Vasilis Charalampidis, Panos Charalambous – 4 DJs and an Auto Pick Up

12. Angelos kyriou – As Vgei Kapou Ayto, A1 (excerpt)

13. Anastasia Ax / Lasse Marhaug – Objects to be Destroyed, side B (excerpt)

14. Panos Charalambous – Mirologhi 1 (Lamento d’Epiro) / Mirologhi 2 (Lamento d’Epiro) / Metrodora

15. Panos Panopoulos, Yorgos Samantas – Cicadas and conversations by the hillside

16. Loukia Katsimeri – Sohos (excerpt)

17. Nikos Dionisopoulos – Holy Jackals (excerpt)

18. Martin Küchen and Michał Libera – Truth Be Told (excerpt)

Rekem records <-link

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