Antonio Mainenti – Fight with Bicycle

Antonio Mainenti’s second show for Radio On turns out to be a report with musical intrusions. The main character is the bicycle. This fact guarantees an extremely transparent and amazingly friendly atmosphere, despite the militant title and subject. All shows on Radio On are good, but few manage to get the feel of a bright sunny day with a bit of wind into it. A must listen!


In Antonio’s words:

by Antonio Mainenti

with guitar, bass, kazoo, bike, voice, field recordings.

Songs: Le complainte du partisan, mix one and two
The Partisan, Joan Baez
Bicycle, John Cale

Bicycles, anti-fascism and Partisans.
Saturday, April 12th, 2014 in the town where I live, Pavia, there was a kind of small critical mass. The event is called bike ride partisan, in memory of the partisans of the city. Just before the April 25th celebration of the liberation of the nazi-fascist.
Italy: a crying country, pissed off and ignorant, the authoritarianism as the only salvation, the authoritarianism as the only salvation and diversity is danger…a little bit like 100 years ago, before the start of First World War.

Fight the fascism: fight with bicycle”