Dominic Smith – The exploded lunch, Report one — Breaking through — Diodes, transistors, tables and tapes.

The first show by Dominic Smith in what will become a series of twelve. The shows will be broadcasted first by Stars and Shadows Cinema radio in Newcastle. They have generously agreed to our radio re-proposing the series.

Dominic has written an extensive introduction to the show.

“The subject of this first report is vast. It connects several different themes and beliefs between what may be considered rational and irrational. But what a joy it was to explore creatively, within the useful constraints and shared experience of radio. It is the first of what I intend will be twelve, monthly reports and being an artist I reserve the right to refine and change my approach, reconsidering the rationale for this show at any point. It feels like the start of a conversation, and I genuinely welcome the sharing of material, thoughts, and links to reading and other media on this and subjects that could sit under the show banner of The Exploded Lunch.”


“‘Breaking Through’ is the first audio report in the ‘Exploded Lunch’ experimental radio series. My intention when making this show and in starting this series is to gain a better understanding of subjects that fall into the category of High Strangeness. The term High Strangeness was first coined by Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hyneck. It was originally used to define unexplained activity around the UFO phenomena, but it has grown in use to cover other mysteries and unexplained matters. I am using it here in its widest possible sense to encompass phenomena that include unexplained electronic voices.”

In the article he wrote as an extended introduction you will also find a complete list of the recordings that were used for this show.