Dominic Smith – The Exploded Lunch – Report Six -Protocol

We are back, with a new show after a months hiatus and I have interesting things to share.

Over the course of this project a group of ‘up for it’ participants have emerged to form a sort of ‘Inner Circle’. All of whom are the sort of thinkers and people of action that make things happen. For this episode I built a team from this circle in the hope that some genuinely strange things would happen. And they did.

We got together to discuss the possibility of summoning a UFO, or at least to find a way to experience some form of UFO phenomena and we decided to loosely follow the CE5 (Close Encounters of the 5th kind) protocol. There was a bit of reading and research conducted on this process and it appeared to boil down to a few simple steps, one of which involves meeting in a place, as a group. For us this is tricky as we had to consider how we do this as a group made up of people based in different countries and time zones. During our decision making, for some unexpected reason there were a few synchronicities around the number eight. So, in keeping with the nature of this project, we rolled with this and folded it into our decision making. We also considered other ways in which to connect through a shared sensory experience and developed a process. At 8pm (UK time) on the 8th of July we faced north, tuned an AM radio to 800 KHz, ate something that tastes of almonds and listened to a meditation I wrote and recorded to expand our consciousness and attract the attention of alien minds. Then we looked at the sky and recorded our observations.

Why did we eat almonds? Well, inevitably when talking about UFOs and Aliens, Whitley Strieber’s name came up. I think, if my memory serves me well, in one of Strieber’s books, he talks about travelling as a young man and discovering a strange place. The inhabitants tell him he is not ready to be there and he is given something to eat that tastes of bitter almonds and he finds himself back in civilization. If you read further, there are stories of people being returned from the land of the dead by being given something that tastes of bitter almonds. So, naturally, that’s why we chose almonds. We needed something within the canon with a recognizable taste, and almonds worked.

On the 8th of July members of the Inner Circle worked through this process and recorded their observations. These recorded observations were edited together to form this report. See below for information about how to listen to the report. If you want to learn more about what happened and what we encountered, listen to it. These notes are not the report, this is not a pipe, this is not your house, etc. If you do listen, listen to the end. A few weeks after we worked through the process something strange and unexpected did happen and we were lucky enough to capture it.

I am incredibly grateful to all who participated and to everyone who cheered us on. Thank you.

Thank you to:

Douglas Arellanes

Allan Hughes

Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson

Anna Macdonald

Laney Mannion

Rob Smith

Isabella Streffen