Dominic Smith – The exploded lunch, report two – Archetypes, artefacts and apparitions

Dominic says

My intention when starting this series is to gain a better understanding of subjects that fall into the category of High Strangeness. The term High Strangeness was first coined by Astronomer Dr. J Allen Hyneck. It was originally used to define unexplained activity around the UFO phenomena, but it has grown in use to cover other mysteries and unexplained matters. I am using it here in its widest possible sense to encompass phenomena that include unexplained electronic voices. My goal is to survey and understand the attraction of these subjects and consider their links with belief systems and early scientific thinking.

In the longer introduction to report two (including acknowledgements) Dominic writes about Jung, collective unconscious, spiritual medium, Plato and shadows, but he also writes:

I had a tutor back in the early 1990’s when I first went to art school. He used to ask students “when is your Birthday.” And he would then say “oh you’re a Sagittarius”, or “ah you’re a water sign, are you one of the emotional ones?” Things like that. I kept in touch with him, and even made a few pieces of artwork with him over the years and he would often refer back to people’s star signs. But he wasn’t too much, or too weird with it. He said it was just a starting point. A presupposition on which to start building a better understanding of people’s personalities. And it always seemed to work. So, I called him and asked him about this. His voice is one of the voices you will hear in this report. It is the main, consistent thread through which the other layers of sound and recordings are woven.

Like the last report, this is a creative investigation of things I don’t understand. It is an opportunity to experiment and explore these ideas through a mix of literal historic material and through an expressive palette of improvised and composed sound. You don’t have to understand it either. But it is best enjoyed with headphones.