Jason Honea – Brave Ear Show with Kasia Justka and Elisabeth Wood

Jason Honea is back on the track. Freshly in from California he jumps over to the Oranien Studio to bring us an evening of information and dislocation.

His guests are Elisabeth Wood, a born Californian living in Berlin. She directs and composes for The Gray Voice Ensemble, a choir of thirty-five persons. If you want to find out, just like me, the secret about all these choirs popping up like mushrooms then join us and listen with ears wide open. The list of themes approached in the choir’s repertoire makes one think that there is a direct line between the choirs in Greek Tragedies and today’s singing about intelligence, memory, belief, mental illness, the sacred, modern love and communication.

Elisabeth Wood.McCloud

The second guest is Kasia Justka (pani K.) who, born in Warsaw, lives in Berlin.


Here is her post-materialist poem about herself:

One man studio
working with images
video, light and sound

in interactions
her passion is electricity
and also likes cooking

composer, video maker and live performer
arranging things
in chaos

Her works are harsh
and full of emotions,
a visual cinematic concert

Performed and displayed her works in wild spaces

who loves
to give

• Justka.web

reel: Crash from pani K. on Vimeo.

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