Eggblood, Caroliner, Astro Mélange, Cratediggers brought to you by Chandor Gloomy

Eggblood works with found A/V media, collage, flexible and flammable disc medium, nostalgia, faith, ignorance and satire. 

Pushing and pulling at the the arse end of the edit. Knackered and nobbly knees @ and under the end of the pier. 

Submergedand squeezed in to a machine bummed requiem… 

Past works/live, Radiophrenia, Duuu Radio (Paris), XMTR (LDN), KFAI (Minneapolis and St Paul), Radiospace Borealis (Norway)

Radiotonka (DH/NL), and various others…


Astro)(Mélange – အရာအားလုံးကို ချန်လှပ်ထားသည်။
{a radiophonic dream} Radio Broadcast session

Astro)(Mélange are Shaun Robert sound art musician
producer director of Institute For Alien Research label
and the infamous C. GlöOmy of MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting


Cratediggers MK Ultraterrestrial Broadcasting

Obscure recordings done by NostrilFlair, Paradox Encounter Group

Evil Moisture, Expose Your Eyes, Hairs Abyss, Orthooeen Waves.

‘Anti musicah obscuraaaaah’


Caroliner, a black light augmented, go to the grave alive and
pump lightning band, was formed in order to
portray the cabin fever and ergot poisoned
hallucinations of early America, namely the 1800s.
These tales of steam boiler explosions and tickwater
pyrexia are channeled thru the lips of
the nationally famous, caroling, traveling bull.